What is a documentary photographer?

- I have a degree in journalism and so my background is in recording the truth. I prefer real life and do very little posing.  You will seldom hear me say "wait I missed that can you do it again" or, "tilt your head this way." 


I believe your wedding day should not be a photo shoot nor a cinematic production. I try very hard to be an observer - documenting your life - and am less concerned with making sure the "standard" moments happen. I would love to let you relax and watch your day unfold naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take group, family and couple portraits?

- Yes! Many loved ones will be there for your day and you will want group and couple portraits. They are important! But I try to move through posed groupings as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your day.

How long have you been doing this?

I shot my first wedding in 2007. I have been based in the Magic Valley since 2012. My business is registered with the state of Idaho. I pay taxes and have insurance.

Tacie Wright

How do you say your name?


- I'm Tacie!  Like Tracy without the R or Stacy without the S.  It's a real name and my dad gave it to me so I love it, but I'm cool answering to most names that rhyme.

What makes you different?

This is the spot on the web site where I tell you how unique I am in a super relatable way and assure you I am a normal person who you would love to have take your pictures! And most of that is true! I am happy, love to laugh, and I stress out all the time because I have 4 kids and a photo business! But, I am often quiet and reflective.

I have a strong, emotional connection to the past. I know God is in charge and I do not believe in chance. Everything that has happened before us has been on purpose - to bring us to where we are now. And every choice we make effects the future.

Each day is a piece of our story and I take pictures with that in mind - that someday this will all be an important memory, and a precious gift.

This way of looking at life is a little heavy sometimes, but I think it makes my art stronger and my contribution to the world important.

Do you shoot in RAW?

You don't have to know what that means but your photographer should. And yes, I do.

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